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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

                                                                                                       Eleanor Roosevelt


Cafe Mac

A Little Haiti cafe provides sandwiches, coffee - and the skills that its cooks and servers need for an independent life.  Miami Herald story.  CafeMacIndepLiving [pdf]


Celebrate Inclusion Video

From Hand of Angels, Inc. in Arcadia, Florida.


Creative Clay Cultural Arts Center

Creative Clay’s mission is to make the arts accessible for every interested member of the community regardless of age, gender, ability and/or race.  Since 1995, Creative Clay has been providing local artists with developmental, physical and/or emotional disabilities an opportunity to pursue their passion for art making. Our arts programs consist of studio and community based activities for exploring unique personal realities in an inventive, professional environment.  Check out online gallery!  Website: www.creativeclay.org   


Developmentally Disabled Entrepreneur

Man with Down Syndrome opens his own retail shop in California.



First Person

Find strength and inspiration from these personal stories submitted to LD OnLine. Below you'll find stories that describe first-hand experiences with the challenges of learning disabilities and ADHD.




Glee - Imagine Video

Beautiful video done with sign language and voice.  Click on title to watch.


Handicapped Scuba Association International

Founded in 1981, The Handicapped Scuba Association, a non-profit organization, has dedicated itself to improving the physical and social well being of people with disabilities through the exhilarating sport of scuba diving and in doing so has become the worldwide authority in the field.

www.hsascuba.com  In Florida:  Poseidon Handicap Scuba Adventures


In My Language

Wonderful video by Amanda, a young woman with Autism who is considered “low-functioning”.  She wrote, produced, and posted her own video called “In My Language” on You-Tube.  The first half of the video is in “her language”, and the second half is translated by the laptop she uses to communicate in “our language”.  This video is beautiful and profound in any language J

    English Version






International Wheelchair Aviators

A worldwide organization of disabled and able-bodied pilots.  Members have many different disabilities including paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputee, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, polio and other problems.  IWA helps disabled persons in their quest to fly by providing valuable information about FAA medical requirements, hand control availability and flight schools that work with the disabled.  www.wheelchairaviators.org


Kids As Self Advocates (KASA)

A national, grassroots project created by youth with disabilities for youth.  Includes lots of resources, as well as articles, poetry, and artwork by young adults with disabilities.  www.fvkasa.org


Life on the Spectrum

Despite many sensory challenges and obstacles, Qazi Fazli Azeem is a true success.  Poor eye contact and an inability to do math have not stopped him from becoming Pakistan's highest certified teacher in Multimedia/Graphic Design. He also has a natural talent for numerology and is so proficient that he has been requested to do readings for celebrities and even government officials from over eleven countries.  http://www.nlconcepts.com/autism-azeem.htm


Our Kids File Archives

A number of informational and inspirational writings that have appeared as messages on the Our-Kids list over the years.  http://www.our-kids.org/Archives/index.html#insp


Reflections of the ESE Policeman  [pdf article]

A father looks back on his experiences over two decades of involvement in the parent-disability movement.  By Wilbur Hawke


Respect PSA

Produced by Blueberry Shoes for the ARC of Virginia and Northern Virginia, this short video about the "R" word will warm your heart.  http://www.blueberryshoes.com/psa/arc/


Saving Small Souls Presentation of "Animal School"

Really beautiful presentation on understanding the uniqueness of every child.




A collection of inspirational poems, prayers, and quotes for Moms and Dads.



Student Stories

From ThinkCollege.net the following Students Speak: Stories of Postsecondary Education represent a collection of self-reports by students with intellectual disabilities who are either planning to attend postsecondary education, are currently attending postsecondary education, or have attended postsecondary education.  Student Stories [pdf]


Welcome to Holland

A PowerPoint tribute to the famous essay written by Emily Perl Kingsley which describes, by analogy, what it is like to raise a child with a disability.





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