Collaborative Agreement

with Central Florida Parent Center



This is not a contract.


This is simply a reciprocal agreement to work collaboratively and positively. The purpose of this collaborative agreement will be to draw upon the strengths of each participant in providing families of children and young adults with disabilities with quality information, training, assistance, and support, and to increase public awareness and knowledge of available resources.


There is no expectation of monetary exchange within this agreement.



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What Central Florida Parent Center Can Offer:

Referral of parents - Our assistance to parents will include referrals to local organizations, agencies, and entities who have resources and/or services that will help them.  We will maintain a searchable database to facilitate appropriate referrals.

Co-Training Opportunities - Parent/professional teams modeling collaborative relationships can often reach parents at a deeper level and provide professionals with richer understanding of parents' issues.  Whether within your existing training format or ours, we will be happy to participate and collaborate in providing quality information and training.

Sharing of online events calendar - Our online calendar is available to any organization who would like to post their events.

e-Newsletter We will feature your organization or topic in our e-Newsletter.

Participation in public awareness efforts - We can help in publicizing available resources and upcoming events through email, website, newsletters, direct mail, and flyers, as well as dissemination of materials at trainings and other events.




Please check all activities in which you or your organization or agency would be willing to participate.

Referral of parents for assistance, information, and/or training


Referral of parents for volunteer support roles


Email listserv


Online events calendar


Sharing of information in newsletters


Sharing of information on website


Co-Training for parents and/or professionals


Cross-Agency new training material review


Cross-Agency In-Service provision (sharing resources, information & strengths)




Please note any other activities in which your organization would be able to contribute to a

collaborative relationship with Central Florida Parent Center.








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